Sunday Morning Coming Down

I was feeling a little run down towards the end of last week, so on Friday I decided to have an early night and went to bed with Graham Norton.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. I went to bed and watched the Graham Norton show.

The guests included actors Ewan McGregor and Sam Neill, long time buddies it turns out; they related that they had spent many any evening in each other’s company, drinking until the wee small hours, before invariably indulging in a sing-song.

They took little persuasion to recreate this, both seemingly having arrived with ukuleles in anticipation of the event, and they broke into a fairly decent version of a song that, as I lay in bed, I knew I’d heard before, thought I owned a copy of somewhere, but couldn’t quite put my finger on who the version I owned was by.

A half-hearted flick through my vinyl and CD racks failed to offer up any clues, so, now unable to sleep, I surfed the net to try and answer that question and also find a good version of it to post for your delictation.

And this is what I found. Not the original, but of the God-knows-how-many versions I listened to, the one that stood out the most for me:


Tia Blake & Her Folk Group – Plastic Jesus

I’ve never heard of Tia Blake before, but there’s something Mo Tucker from Velvet Underground-ish about her vocals that I really like.

Anyway, a much longer search of that there internet failed to garner me with the details of where I knew the tune from, and it bugged me for most of the day.

Then, mid-way through the second half of the England game, as my mind understandably wandered, it came to me. The reason I hadn’t found it was because I owned the song with a different, Kanye-esque spelling of Jesus. By this lot of crusty dog-on-a-string types:


The Levellers – Plastic Jeezus

I’ll leave you to decide which version you prefer.

More soon.