Team Jolly & Jocular

Looking back at the old posts I linked to in that last post, I was reminded of a couple of things.

Firstly, that I said I was going to let my DJ tutor “Jolly” Jim know I’d written about him, which I did, via Facebook. Until I checked back, I had completely forgotten that Jim was kind enough to a) share the link with his friends, family and nodding acquaintances on Facebook, and b) leave a comment for me confirming all that I had said was true.

Secondly, I mentioned in said post that there were a couple of other records which, whenever I hear them, I am reminded of my Jolly comrade.

But before I get into that, I also mentioned that I ended up in a band with Jim, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I should also mention that Daints – who featured in that last post – was also in the band. In fact, I would have to concede it was he who brought the band together.

More of this soon, but for now, the two other songs which remind me of Jim (who turned 51 this week – I think it’s important that I note those rare beasts who are actually older than me).

Firstly, more skanking wonderfulness:

Fishbone – Ma and Pa

And secondly, this, which not only reminds me of Jim (it turns out I mentioned all of this before, here) but also of the much missed blog which went by the same moniker; Robster, I hope you’re well mate.

Cardiacs – Is This The Life

Ask me to name my ten favourite records ever, and that’s right up there in contention.

Happy belated birthday, Jim. And cheers.

More soon.