Sunday Morning Coming Down

This morning’s slice of Country is a song which I’ve known since I was a kid, and which I was reminded of when it featured at the start of this week’s episode of Fargo.

It’s a song which has always made me chuckle, for two reasons, one of which is deliberate on the part of the singer/songwriter, the other, I suspect, less so.

The intentional one is the joke about the definition of the word “egotistical”.

The unintentional one comes in the introduction, where we’re expected to believe that Mac Davis, of whom I have never heard anything else by, is headlining at a nightclub and being put up in “Star Suites”.

And then I do a teensy bit of research to pad this post out a little, and find that he wrote “In the Ghetto” and “A Little Less Conversation” for Elvis. And that he recorded and performed with Nancy Sinatra. And that he hosted an edition of The Muppet Show, where he performed today’s track.

Looks like I’m back to chuckling in the places where I’m supposed to, then.


Mac Davis – It’s Hard to be Humble

Oh hang on. I can chuckle at his perm instead.

More soon.