Bad Moon Rising

Today, as Björk once sang, Is My Birthday, and as is traditional round these parts, as Björk didn’t sing (or if she did, she sang it on one of her later albums I’ve not bothered with), I’ll begin by posting the song which was #1 in the UK singles chart on the day I was born, because I think it’s a super cool, if prophetic, record to have such an association with:

But inspired by Martin over at New Amusements recent run of posts where he featured every song which had been #1 on his birthday, I thought I’d do something similar. Well, ok, almost exactly the same. Except starting this year, I’ll post one a year, the one from fifty years earlier. So, yeh, totally different. (Oh ok, Martin: I’ll buy you a pint at the Martin Rossiter gig, if it ever happens)

Turns out I’m quite pleased to be associated with this one too, a real pub quiz question of a record, which was #1 on this day back in 1970;

I wonder how many years I’ll get through before I hit a record I genuinely dislike…?

Also: I really hope Gary Glitter didn’t have any #1’s in September…

More soon.