Late Night Stargazing

Moving away, but not too far away, from last week’s kinda dark drum’n’bass track, to a tune I first came across thanks to its inclusion on the soundtrack to one of my favourite films ever, “Human Traffic”.

Now, I’ve just said that “Human Traffic” is one of my favourite films, and I should point out straight away that I am perfectly aware it is not a cinematic masterpiece. I’ve written about it here before, but I’m not going to direct you to it, because I don’t think I did a particularly good job.

“Human Traffic” tells the story of a group of friends as they prepare for a night out clubbing in Cardiff, as they go to the club, as they go to a house party afterwards, then as they cope with the inevitable post-ecstasy come down.  And right there is why I love it, those six words: a night out clubbing in Cardiff. That phrase and that film hold so many memories, having been filmed on location at several clubs, pubs and bars that I knew very well, and part of the genius of the film is that along with the stars of the film (John Simm, a very young (and brilliant in the role of Moff) Danny Dyer, with Andrew Lincoln (now of “The Walking Dead”) making a couple of appearances, as well as cameos from Jo Brand(‘s voice), and Howard Marks), ordinary members of the public, predominantly selected from the city’s clubbing scene, were extras. So when I watch it, there’s a whole additional level for me, not just recognising some of the locations, but also some of the faces. Great days.

Anyway, to tonight’s tune. Liquid Child were a  German dance music production duo, and this was their biggest hit here in the UK, reaching the giddy heights of No 25 in 1999. Although I don’t recall it actually being played, it reminds me a lot of “Cool House”, the club night in Cardiff that me and my buddies would go to every month, without fail; it’s the sort of tune that would get played towards the end of the night, when everyone was kinda buzzy and smiley (if you catch my drift…), but not quite ready to go home just yet.


Liquid Child – Diving Faces (Original Mix)

More soon.