Saturday Night Coming Up

I’m far too old to clubbing nowadays, but since we’re all in lock-down and unable to go to one even if we were so inclined, I thought I’d bring back this series, but instead of relating an acid drop about something that happened during my clubbing days (although I might, if I remember any), I’d post an old school banger of a Saturday night to remind us of what we’re missing.

Y’know, so we can feel shit and old instead of just shit.

The first act I thought of decided to post came about when I ventured out for my weekly shopping experience, I wondered if I had walked into a video shoot for them, or perhaps just everyone in my area of North London had decided to dress like them as some kind of weird tribute.

For the uninitiated, Altern 8 used to wear what I guess these days would be considered ‘Covid-19 Chic’.



Although frankly that’s better than most of our healthcare workers are being provided at the moment, ammiright?

(I used to have a green long-sleeved top with the number 88 written on the back in exactly the same font and colour which I would often wear when I went clubbing, and it has only just occured to me that it might have been a clubbing reference. Yes, reader: I am that (accidentally) cool.)

So I can’t say I was all that surprised when I came to write this and did the barest minimum of research (by which I mean, looking for a suitable picture to use), I found that either they never went away or have orchestrated quite the most magnificently timed cash-in comeback imaginable, assuming that they ever get to play any of the gigs they hve lined up for 2020, that is. But if everyone dressed like them, why not?

Anyway, here to kick things off is a annoyingly topical tune, which I imagine sounded incredible played out somewhere in a field in Hampshire back in the day:

Altern 8 – Armageddon

More soon.