An Updated List

Time to dive, for the first time, I think, into my collection of cassingles.

I first came into ownership of this song as the b-side to their wonderful Pretend We’re Dead single, which I picked up on a trip to London from some basement record store I stumbled across.

The song gained greater traction when it was used in Oliver Stone’s 1994 filming of Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay Natural Born Killers.

I’ve always thought it sad that the song doesn’t specifically name all those who would, back in the day, have made the list.

But I can safely say to all of the following people (in no particular order)…:

Donald Trump

Boris Johnson

Jeremy Hunt

Jeffrey Epstein

Nigel Farage

Aaron Banks

Richard Tice

Isabel Oakeshott

Anne Widdicombe

Michael Gove

Nadine Dorries

Jacob Rees-Mogg


Chris Martin

….Congratulations, you made my:

L7 – Shitlist

Apologies if I’ve missed any obvious candidates out.

And, since it’s a quite splendid call to arms/comment on political apathy, here’s the A-side too:

L7 – Pretend That We’re Dead

More soon.