On A Positive Note…

So, today’s the day we get to say the words that twelve months ago we thought we never would, so ridiculous, so implausible did they sound when put in the same sentence together in this order:

Today is the day that Donald J. Trump becomes the President of the United States of America.

Some of my blogging peers have said that, depressing and scary though this is, we need to stay positive, and this is a position I want to buy into. For unless he happens to drive past one too many grassy knolls during his Presidency (and given he owns that golf course in Scotland which has loads of them, it’s got to be a possibility. Come on Scotland, you know what to do!) we’ve got him for at least the next four years (he couldn’t win a second term, could he…?)

So, something positive. Hmmmm.

*Rummages around the shelves in Dubious Towers*

Ok, this seems perfect. One could take the title as an endorsement, but you can wipe that thought from your mind: listen to the lyrics and that’s not where the artist (or me) is coming from. This is a song of hope, of faith, of determination in the face of adversity:


Joe Smooth  – Promised Land

So I’ll try to stay positive, and to send positive vibes out to you all. We can get through this.

Appropriate records are my weapon of choice though, so I may get weak and falter every now and then. For example, when I’m watching his inauguration later today, I may find myself getting the urge to post something uncomplimentary. Like this:


The B-52’s – Wig

Or maybe I’ll need to show restraint after he is sworn in and gives his first speech as your actual President (I’m not sure “speech” is the right description. The phrase rather implies someone had actually written it in advance; however Trump’s delivery gives the impression that what he says has been completely made up on the spot), and I find my finger hovering over the Publish button after I’ve written a scathing diatribe which ends with this record:


Morrissey – Get Off The Stage

I’ll try to resist, but I can’t promise anything.

Besides, nothing I can write or post will be as succinct as this, made all the more dead-eye accurate by the sight of his private helicopter parked up in the background:


More soon.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering where this week’s edition of The Chain is, it’s on it’s way.

That Summer Feeling #3

The keener eyed amongst you may have spotted a comment from Heledd the other day after I had post the titular track from this summery thread of songs.

That’s the same Heledd who I’ve known for approaching 20 years now, and who I shared a flat with when I first moved to London. Amongst other things in that time, she’s been my drinking partner, my clubbing partner, my confidante (and I hers), my DJ’ing partner, and much, much more.

Of “That Summer Feeling” she said this:

“Well it’s between this and Summertime by Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince as the greatest song with Summer in the title. And I mean that with no irony.”

She really doesn’t.

Now, if you think I’m going to let Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince grace these pages, then you’re sadly misguided. One of you will have to come up with an acceptable reason for me to post it in The Chain (yes, alright, it’s coming already!). And knowing how you like a challenge, I bet one of you does.

No, instead I’m mentioning this in a way for me to tenuously crowbar todays’ song in.

For were I ever to be asked to name my favourite two songs about lobsters, this would be number one:


The B-52’s – Rock Lobster

And if I ever manage to track down a digital copy of my other favourite song about lobsters, you’ll be the first to know.

More soon.