Late Night Stargazing

Happy Belated New Year!

Apologies for the dead air for the past few day, I’ve been laid up with the flu (again), and, even more seriously, without internet access all week down to some little tykes messing with a BT box round the corner from me.

Anyway, this is a rather lovely way to kick off the new year, a bit of Britpop trip-hop, and the closing track from Sneaker Pimps “Becoming X” album (unless you have the reissue which has a remix of “6 Underground” at the end, that is).

You may know this from a rather fine version which Doves did a few years back, or perhaps you’ll be familiar with the one which appears in a *ahem* quite memorable scene from the original release of “The Wicker Man”…you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it….


Sneaker Pimps – How Do

More soon.