Claps, Clicks & Whistles #5

Blimey, where does the time go? Has it really been three weeks since I wrote one of these?

We’re back in Sweden this week for some more polished indie-pop, a tune that certainly fits the remit of this thread, featuring incessant handclaps from pretty much the very first moment to the last.

In 1992, Acid House Kings set out on a 10 year plan: to produce a trilogy of albums with one album released exactly every 5th year. Each album was to be filled with catchy guitar pop songs but with new themes and a growing maturity from album to album. The first album in trilogy was the twee “Pop, Look & Listen”, which was heavily inspired by the kind of bands you’d find on labels like Sarah, Subway and Heaven.

1997’s “Advantage Acid House Kings” saw the band attempt to create catchy pop in the mould of The Smiths,  whilst third album, 2002’s “Mondays Are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays” contains such wonderful titles as “Brown and Beige Are My Favourite Colours”, a fact which is rather self-evident from the picture below, where they look like a Val Doonican tribute act as imagined by IKEA.

Today’s track, though, comes from their fourth album, “Sing Along with…” and I’d probably say that Belle & Sebastian or Camera Obscura would be fairly accurate reference points, if a little unfair given that Acid House Kings were around before either of them. The Grauniad review of the album describes their sound as one which “lingers on the schmindier side of indie”, which I suspect was meant as a bit of an insult, but which is a description that’s absolutely fine by me.

Go on, give your ears a cheery treat and have a listen:


Acid House Kings – Do What You Wanna Do

More soon. Probably by them, in this thread.