For a while now, every now and then, I would receive a message from a concerned reader, asking whether everything was ok, and telling me they hoped I started writing again.

This confused me, since bar the odd day or two here and there, I’ve been posting stuff much more regularly than I have for ages.

And then I realised that all of these messages had been left as comments on the same post, which I wrote way back in May this year.

So I investigated, and it turns out said post was the last time I “stuck” a post to the top of the blog. This is a function available here on WordPress which I never used to tick when completing a post, but when I noticed it, I figured it ensured that when people visit my blog it would be the first post they saw.

Which it does. I mean I have to commend them, it works brilliantly.

But this function is akin to having a Pinned Tweet on your timeline on Twitter. And because I then began ticking the “Stick Post to the Top of the Blog” box for a couple of months, throughout pretty much all of April and May, that meant that all of those “stuck” posts appeared, in sequence, before anything else more recent that I’ve posted appears.

So I spent Tuesday night going through them all and making them…erm…unsticky. Normal service should now resume.

And here’s two songs which were rattling round my head as I was doing it, the first of which is another track by the recently featured Little Boots which, as with the last tune I posted by her, it doesn’t seem to have got a commercial release, remaining reserved for white label affcianados :

And this one, the tenth single from The Wedding Present’s Hit Parade series, where they released one limited edition 7″ single at the start of each month for a whole year:

Apologies to those hoping to hear either Lionel Richie or Huey Lewis and The News.

More soon.

Saturday Night Coming Up

Two weeks in to this revived series, and already I’m breaking my own rules about posting old skool classics.

But this is worth it, for it sounds like it’s from back in the day, but there’s enough of a modern (at the time it came out, in 2008) twist to bely the fact it’s not as old as it pretends to be.

What I’m trying to say is that this is fecking great and demands to be played L-O-U-D:

Fake Blood – Mars

More soon.