Hey Mickey!

So, with time on my hands last night, with no Friday Might Music Club post to write, I found myself watching one of the re-runs of Top of the Pops they’re currently showing on BBC 4.

They started showing these a while go, and it used to be that they showed the anniversary week of the week we’re now in, but as the number of Radio 1 DJ’s they could still broadcast diminished, so they had to leave weeks out and we know find ourselves, prematurely, in early 1982.

Which, for me, is an absolute joy. For those of you who have followed my blog since the start will know, or those who have taken the time to trawl through the older posts, 1982 was the year of my pop record buying awakening.

And it is a joy, because I’ve been reconnected with several records I loved at the time and bought, several I loved at the time but somehow managed not to buy and quite a few I hated then and still hate now.

But in that middle category, is a song I loved at the time, but never bought, grew to loathe, but on hearing it again last night, I realised what a bloody great pop record it is.



Toni Basil – Mickey

There’s a reason why I love this song so much.

When I was a kid, my family and I lived in America for a couple of years. This inevitably led to a trip to Disneyworld, where, I am reliably told, I attempted to run off with Mickey Mouse.

Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of this.

Oh wait. Seems there is.

Mickey & Me (1)

I’m the one not in a dress. Cool trainers, though, right?

Talking to my folks earlier today, they reminded me that at the time I was obsessed with singing the Mickey Mouse theme tune. You know, the “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E” thing. Which would at the very least explain my recent Friday Night post about acronyms, if nothing else.

When I was a kid, my dad owned a couple of albums of Rugby Songs, one of which contained the following bawdy song (different version), a music hall standard, and which, apparently, I started singing on more than occasion at nursery school, much to the teacher’s concern:

Jeremy Irons – The Hole in the Elephant’s Bottom

I have no recollection of either event.

More soon.