I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays (Be Llŷrious edition)

I mentioned in the post I wrote shortly after his passing that, were it not for Llŷr and his outlook on life and music, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog, for it was Llŷr who reminded me of the joy of loving pop records because they brought you pleasure, as opposed to whether they made you look cool.

And so, on the anniversary of him leaving us, it seems appropriate to post the song which sums up that philosophy, a song which he loved, and which I’d not given a second though to until he played it one night when we shared a flat together:

Huey Lewis & The News – Hip To Be Square

More soon.

Happy Together

Today is my Mum and Dad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary.

In an era when divorce seems to be the norm rather than a rarity, I can’t really let this pass without comment. Granted, sometimes it’s seemed that they’ve managed to stay together through sheer bloody-mindedness and a begrudging tolerance of each other, but there they still are, still together, fifty years later.

My folks both read this blog, and have both been very encouraging about what I do here – Dad has even posted the occasional comment – telling me that I shouldn’t let the fact that they read it have any effect on what I write about or how I write it.

I had been a bit reluctant to tell them about this place, as I wasn’t sure how they would react to some of the content. Two examples: every now and then, I’ll use a swear word. I’ve never sworn in front of my parents. My Dad’s response: “Do you think I don’t know any swear words?” And then, after a discussion about the use of the C-word (which I generally have no problem with using, but am very aware that some people do, hence me not using it just then), he said “There was a bloke I used to work with who was a total one of those.”

Also, I thought they may not approve of some of the more autobiographical content, in particular some of the times I have written about, and will write about again, my past recreational drug use. When I talked to my mother to warn her that some of the posts talked about me having taken drugs, her response was an unfazed “Well, we’d always assumed you had. In fact, we’d have been more surprised to find out you hadn’t.” I’m still not sure how to take that.

So, here’s some songs which seem appropriate:


The Turtles – Happy Together


Huey Lewis & The News – Stuck With You


First Aid Kit – Emmylou


Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line

Happy Wedding Anniversary Den and Jean. See you tomorrow.

More soon.