Sunday Morning Coming Down

In 1976, the BBC started broadcasting The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop on Saturday mornings, and it quickly became compulsory viewing. It was ground-breaking in a number of ways: before this, there were no programmes made specifically for broadcast on Saturday mornings; it was nearly three hours in length, was broadcast live, and used the phone-in format extensively for the first time on TV. To this day, I can still remember the telephone number you had to call to speak to the celebrity guests appearing on the show (01 811 8055), although it always seemed to be either Leo Sayer or BA Roberston, who I had no real interest in communicating with.

Before that, our Saturday morning entertainment was provided by the radio, and specifically Ed “Stewpot” Stewart’s Junior Choice, a show where kids could write in to request records, as well as for a specific jingle to be played: a young lad saying ‘Ello darlin’! followed by a cheeky laugh.

I mention this because I recently bought Go By Feel, the really rather terrific debut album by The Hello Darlins, although hailing from Canada I would be surprised if their name originates from a jingle on 1970s children’s radio in the UK.

Check them out for yourself:

The Hello Darlins – Smokin Gun

More soon.