Sunday Morning Coming Down

You’ll have to excuse me being a little brief. After last night’s Late Night Stargazing post, I found myself scurrying off to revisit some of my other Morrissey records, and then my Smiths albums, and before I knew it was waaay later than I thought and any notion of having an early night was long gone.

So I figured I’d better write this post, started to do it, and then, as what I wrote became more and more familiar, realised it was a song I’d already posted. Gah.

Instead, well…this song sprang to mind, for reasons which should be fairly self-apparent:


Faron Young – It’s Four in the Morning

Rumours that Faron’s musical career was brought to an untimely halt when he had an unfortunate “arm-hair-caught-in-guitar-strings” are completely unfounded.

More soon.