You Couldn’t Get Away With This Nowadays

With thanks to Vintage TV for playing this the other day and making me stop and gaze in disbelief.

Today’s choice is a song about a man loitering on a street corner, giving girls ‘the eye’, and thinking thoughts which are so sordid, the clarification: “you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinking” is required.

Depends what you’re thinking, I guess. Maybe if Josef Fritzl had been stopped when he was just thinking about making a cellar under his house, or when Harold Shipman first decided the elderly were a burden on the National Health Service, or David Cameron started thinking a referendum would be a good idea, a lot of upset could have been avoided.

Anyway, this lot’s behaviour was doubtless viewed as perfectly harmless back in the day. That’s how you met women, it seems: by standing on the corner, looking at them lustily, cheekily, whatever worked. I almost long for those days, compared to now when apparently it’s absolutely the norm to text a photo of your genitals to a potential suitor (not a practice I ever intend to indulge in, I hasten to add!)


The King Brothers – Standing On The Corner

The King Brothers? The ‘King Brothers more like.

More soon.

Footnote: I’ve just realised this thread makes me sound like I’ve turned into the Daily Mail. You do all realise my tongue is placed firmly in my cheek as I write these anti-PC posts, right..?