The Chain – The Rules

The Chain is a feature on BBC 6Music’s Radcliffe and Maconie show (and prior to that, their show on BBC Radio 2), where a record is played and they invite suggestions as to what record could be played next, which must link in some way to the one just played.

We do things a little differently round here, for whilst they choose just one record to play, we try to post all of the suggestions which you submit.

The only rules are:

1) No suggested record can ever feature twice, unless:

i) it has only featured as part of The Official Chain, as opposed to having been suggested by someone previously

ii) it was originally suggested by me, and by nobody else since. Don’t be afraid to ask!

iii) you are suggesting “Back on the Chain Gang” by The Pretenders, which has been adopted as our theme tune, and which can be nominated as often as you like (as long as a solid link between it and the source record is provided)

2) Suggestions sent by way of the Comments section will no longer be accepted. You should now let me know what you’re suggesting by sending me an email at:

3) When making your suggestion, you must provide an explanation of the link between the two songs

4) You must already own a copy of your suggestion, and be willing to provide it (in case I don’t already own it or am unable to source it).

5) Suggestions must be more than just naming a different song by the same artist. You’re cleverer than that.

6) You can make as many suggestions as you like, but please, go easy on me, won’t you?

7) Don’t be offended if I disqualify your request, although you probably won’t know I’ve done this until the next post where there will be some gentle ribbing. (Even if your song is posted, be prepared for a gentle ribbing anyway. We like a gentle ribbing round these parts.)

8) Submissions will be welcome up until the next edition is posted. But please try not to send them to me late on a Wednesday evening, just in case, in the unlikely event that I’m actually writing it and have to rejig the running order.

9) The same artist can feature twice in the same week, but only if suggested by different people. In other words, if you suggest two songs by the same act, I’ll ask you to just pick one of them; if you don’t reply, I’ll pick for one for you.