Late Night Stargazing

I mentioned in a recent post how many up-and-coming bands seem to have chosen names which seem to been selected without thought for how easy they would be to search for online, and tonight’s artist falls into the same category.

Or so I thought, until I actually typed Ross from Friends into Google (other tax-avoiding search engines are available) and found that such was the success of the stage name of UK producer Felix Clary Weatherall (no relation, as far as I’m aware) that he had managed to knock all hits referring to the actual Ross from Friends down to 8th spot in the rankings.

Much as I love it, I tend not to post chilled-out bleepy electronica in this series, where it perhaps it would sit best of all amongst the stuff I write here, because I’m just not very good at describing it. I could try, but I fear I’d make a proper fool of myself.

So, anyway, here’s a bit of chilled-out bleepy electronica from Ross from Friends’ 2021 album Tread which, if you like this sort of thing (which I do), is well worth a listen:

Ross from Friends – Thresho_1.0

More soon.