Last Saturday I was up stupidly early.

Plonked on the sofa, I channel surfed until I happened upon a channel called Talking Pictures TV.

It was a channel I was aware of previously, having noted that it screened old films I thought I should watch, but had not gotten round to.

Anyway, last Saturday I was delighted to see they were showing old editions of 1970s kids TV show Runaround. Hosted by comedian Mike Reid (in pre-Frank Butcher days), I had forgotten that amongst all the jollity of annoying kids trying to answer questions, there was always a band.

And last week it was Jona Lewie, with Kirsty MacColl providing backing vocals on this. Sadly, I can’t find a link to the actual Runaround footage, but here’s the best I can do, Jona and Kirsty included:

And here’s the proper version:

Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties

More soon. Probably next weekend, depending on who this weeks’guest is…

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7 thoughts on “Runaround!”

  1. Talking Pictures has been a wonderful discovery, and I only found out about it from C of Sun Dried Sparrows fame. Lots of great black and white British films but also it seems things like Runaround! I remember Mike appearing on TOTP with his Ugly Duckling song. He had quite a laugh and played one of Eastenders greatest characters.

    Bit of trivia – Jona used to be Terry Dactyl and his backing band were predictably called the Dinosaurs.

      1. We need to know more about this, Jez…

        And I also watched this episode of Runaround (oh god, what are we like?) so as to catch Jona Lewie…. great performance, lovely seeing Kirsty, Jona’s wacky dancing at the end and the mischievous twinkle in his eye. What about that model fairground too?!

      2. Oh gosh, no story other than we bought the single, we weren’t involved in the production of it, I’m not a descendant of Hans Christian Anderson or anything!

        Kirsty looked great, didn’t she? An offhand nonchalant performance, lovely stuff, she is so missed it’s unbearable.

        For shame, I now have Runaround on series record, purely so I can see which early 80s pop act pops up. Today it was Headline (no, me neither) which I guess nips this potential new series in the bud!

        Hopefully they’ll start showing old editions of Cheggars Plays Pop soon….

      3. Gosh until I read the earlier reply I thought your family were perhaps part-time novelty record producers on the side!

        Ah, Cheggars Plays Pop – They are both no longer with us sadly (Mike or Keith) but the story of revisiting the telly of our youth.

  2. I was in that episode! I’ve just emailed TPTV to see if they are showing it again or if I can get a copy. It would be a great 50th birthday present if i can! Really glad I found this blog as I though it was one of the lost series never to be seen again!

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