The Election Section V2.13

One of the highlights of the night was, of course, the almost total wipe-out of UKIP as a political presence.

They claim to be a party of traditionalists, so it was nice to see they stuck with their traditions of a) winning absolutely no seats whatsoever, and b) having their leader step down before the final result was in.

Rumour has it that after his press conference announcing his resignation, Nuttall tried to leave incognito via the back door with a blanket over his head, but then realised he might suffer from a vitamin D deficiency as a result.

So farewell to Paul Natalie Nuttall, who will doubtless return to his normal occupation of Poet Laureate, the Premiership’s leading goal-scorer ever, or whatever other bollocks he’s claiming on his CV these days.

Lovely Front

The Primitives – Nothing Left

More soon.

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3 thoughts on “The Election Section V2.13”

  1. He is, apparently, “planning a return to frontline politics” according to a report I heard on 5 Live earlier. It seems UKIP can’t do without Farage and Farage can’t do without UKIP. Bless…

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