I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

Morning all.

Another song guaranteed to put a smile on your face at the start of another week.

At least, it puts one on mine whenever I hear it.

they-might-be-giants-birdhouse-in-your-soul-1990-5They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul

More soon.


I’m Not Too Keen On Mondays

Morning all.

Here’s an uplifting track by Underworld to kick your week off:

XXX-220844 (2)

Underworld – Two Months Off (King Unique Sunspots – Vocal mix)

And since we’re here: if  you’ve contributed a suggestion to this week’s edition of The Chain, then my apologies as I’ve been laid up all weekend so I’ve not got back to any of you about songs which I’m going to have to disqualify (and there are some, I’m afraid), or songs which I’ve not been able to find (there’s a couple of those too). I’ll do that tonight, so please either look out for a response to your Comment/Suggestion (or, in a couple of places, if I have your email address, I’ll pop you an email) this evening.

Oh, and as the source song is “Echo Beach”, we’re a little heavy on songs by Echo & The Bunnymen, so if I do have to tell you that your song is disqualified, please try not to suggest anymore songs by them!

In other words, more soon.

I’m Not Too Keen On Mondays

After a weekend which brought disappointment, Nazi rallies, violence, death and possibly the most pathetic, vacuous statement of supposed empathy ever by a President who displays no presidential characteristics whatsoever, I think we all need to feel a little love this morning.

Or better still, a lot of love.

I first heard this – Patrick Cowley’s epic 15+ minute remix of the Donna Summer classic – courtesy of my old flatmate and best friend, Llyr. Dude: this is for you.


Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley remix)

More soon.