Get Off My Playlist! #6

Last one of these, until I next get it together to do another mix for JC. There’s no point in my continuing the series with reference to the Friday Night Music Club mixes, as invariably if something doesn’t make the cut in one it will turn up sooner or later in another (with the notable exception of a couple of tunes which have been dropped on at least three occasions each now).

Sometimes when you bump one tune from a playlist, there’s a domino effect. Suddenly, the song which would have been next to it seems out of place, an island cut off from the mainland.

And so it is with today’s record, which, once I had decided against including yesterday’s psychedelic swirl by Super Furry Animals, now had no companion piece to anchor it to.

In other words, it stood out like sore thumb, and therefore had to go, which is shame because it’s an absolute beauty:

Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve – Sunday Morning Sun-g

I tried to retrieve the situation, but all I could come up with which both fitted the theme of the mix and sounded good next to it was a record I figured I would be accused of building the playlist around, even if it did come from a time when the band in question sounded very different to the way they sound now, a time before they had ditched the The from their name, when actually the opposite was true: it was considered purely on the basis of thematic and sonic appropriateness.

And so I ditched both.

I still think they make pretty good bed-fellows, mind:

The Status Quo – Ice In The Sun

Yup. All these posts, building up to that.

More soon.

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