Replenishing the Vinyl

In all honesty, today’s vinyl picks are from albums I didn’t own back in the day. As The Pooh Sticks once semi-famously said, though, I got them on tape.

However, when somebody on ebay is willing to part with “Giant” and “Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway” for a ridiculously reasonable price, you’d be a fool not to bid.

I wasn’t, I did, I now own.

I saw this lot at Glastonbury in 2010 in some off the beaten track tent; they were every bit as wonderful as I’d hoped, and the fact that there was probably only about 30 other people in attendance didn’t stop them being ace.

I’ll be honest, the poor attendance just made me think I was even more right for turning up. Had I bothered to interact with any of them, like a sturdy bag we’d probably be friends for life now.

So here’s a couple of tracks by seemingly forgotten indie folk legends The Woodentops:


The Woodentops – Good Thing


The Woodentops – You Make Me Feel

And I haven’t even played you my favourite song by them, which will pop up sooner or later.

By which I mean, of course: More soon.


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