Late Night Stargazing

In all honesty, tonight’s selection took next to no time to decide on, since I mentioned it in passing in this week’s Friday Night Music Club thread.

So, a record which on no account should be played immediately before Tenacious D’s “Fuck Her Gently”. You have been warned.


Lamb – Gorecki

But, since I mentioned in the same post that it was not a million miles away from Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”, and since I’m feeling generous tonight, it only seems right that I give you that to listen to as well.


Massive Attack – Teardrop

The video to the latter was a wonder to behold too:

I imagine that’s actually Andy Serkis playing the foetus.

I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised were I to find out that the Pro-Life Lobby had taken this as hard evidence that their position is correct:

“Of course it’s murder, look this one is singing inside the womb!”

Anyway, let’s not go there.

More soon.

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