This Next Song is Dirty

There’s very little I enjoy in life more than a good double entrendre, especially in the lyrical form.

Anything which gets me parping like Finbarr is a good thing in my book:

This song, I think, is the King of saying one thing but meaning another:

The Bellamy Brothers – If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body

Relax, ladies, they’re married. Probably to each other.

But there’s one hidden in here too, dear readers. Can you spot it?

The Bluetones – Bluetonic

You can? Then progress on to the next level of smut.

More soon.

Be Llŷrious

This is the series where I try to honour my recently passed best friend Llŷr by posting songs which remind me of him.

One of the shared passions Llŷr and I both had – and, I suspect many of you have too – was losing a good few hours browsing through the racks in a record store, digging out some absolute gems to buy and bring back home.

When we shared the flat of filth and, latterly, the house of no housework in the Cathays area of Cardiff, we were fortunate to have two second hand record shops within walking distance.

One was on a side road off of Albany Road; it had no name as far as I ever managed to ascertain, but it had a box of cheap, crappy vinyl left outside to entice the likes of us in.

The other was Kellys Records, located on what was commonly referred to as Death Junction because of the number of car crashes that happened there, the apex where Mackintosh Place met Albany Road met City Road met Richmond Road met Crwys Road.

We would visit there often, me losing interest long before Llŷr ever did, if I’m honest.

And he was much better at truffling out the pearlers than I was; I lost count of the amount of times he would march triumphantly through the living room door, bag of vinyl tucked under his arm, turning on the turntable and slipping his first purchase onto the deck before he’d even taken his coat off.

Today’s record is one such find.

“Jez, you have to hear this!,” he said as he burst into the living room, 12″ removed from carrier bag, disc from sleeve, onto the spindle, seemingly all in one movement, before I’d had chance to say hello and turn the TV off.

I have no idea what made him buy this, where he had heard it, or of it, prior to his purchase. As it emanated from the speakers, he was already sitting on the sofa, beaming with pride.

It’s a weird tune, and no mistake: over a proggy, dubby bassline and synth flourishes (I’m rubbish at actually describing music, I know, I know) an elderly gentleman – the titular Lionel – reads out letters written to buxom ladies who feature in the sort of adult magazine you used to find discarded in woodland, if you catch my drift. And yes, I used the word ‘titular’ with a knowing wink.

As you might expect from such a source, there’s a bit of effing and jeffing.

Whenever I hear it, I’m back in the flat of filth, and Llŷr is there, plonked in the middle of the sofa, chuckling away to himself, delighted at his latest find.

Man, oh man, I miss those days.


Drive Red 5 – Yours Sincerely Lionel (Dirty Dream)

More soon.





This Next Song Is Dirty

I first heard this tune by way of a mix CD I bought in the mid-2000s, the name of which escapes me for now, but one of those ones where each tune is mixed into the next to form a supposedly seamless playlist.

It then took me a very long time to track down a copy which wasn’t mixed into the tunes either side of it. I defy anyone to try typing the word Dirty into Google and not get….um…distracted.

Anyway, this is ace (and dirty). Dum Dum: if you’re reading this and don’t already know it, you’ll love it:


Dirty – Dirty (E-Dancer Remix)

More soon.

This Next Song Is Dirty

It’s criminal that more people don’t know of Jake Thackray.

I think I’ve posted this song before, but if not, I love it and it’s long overdue a repost.

Thackray’s lyrical turn and delivery is much respected, and cited as an influence by the likes of Jarvis Cocker and Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys fame), which should be sufficient enough a recommend to give this a listen. And if not, you can add folk singers-cum-comedians Mike Harding and Jasper Carrott to the list. And some chap called Morrissey, but don’t let that put you off.

I’ve lifted this from the Jake In A Box compilation, a near perfect 4 CD anthology of the late great Yorkshireman’s recordings, which I cannot recommend highly enough:


Jake Thackray – The Lodger

More soon.