So there I was, back in work, with this nagging feeling that there was something I should have done this week. Couldn’t put my finger on it at all.

And then last night, as I started thinking about what I was going to post this weekend, the penny dropped.

I was supposed to start The Chain up again this week, wasn’t I?

It seems I’m still in that post-Christmas and New Year fug when you’re not quite sure what time, day, week, year it is. So sorry folks: I completely lost track of the days,  thinking I was due to post the 35th edition of The Chain next week when, in actual fact, it should have been this week.

As it happens, I spent Wednesday evening huddled over my laptop anyway, listening to the dulcet tones of Phil Neville, whispering about how much he loves watching Dele Ali pulling off at the back post between two defenders. By which I mean, I was watching Spurs bring Chelsea back down to earth with a bump. Yeh, we showed them, those pesky top of the Premiership seven-points ahead of us chaps.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is, and I’m sure come the middle of next week I’ll regret saying this, if you still want to make a suggestion for The Chain, feel free. The song we’re linking to is Malcolm McLaren’s “Buffalo Gals”, and all you need to do is go to The Chain #34 and post a comment naming the record that you’re suggesting and an explanation of the link between it and the aforementioned McLaren tune.

In the meantime, here’s a sort of appropriate record, an absolute favourite of mine:


Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Lost Weekend

More soon. (No, really!)