New Mood on Monday

Morning all.

Picking up on the “you and me” refrain from the R.E.M. tune I posted yesterday morning, this seemed like an obvious, Scandi-indie-poppy, gloriously upbeat way to start the week:

The Wannadies – You & Me Song

Have a good week, folks!

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

More inspiration from Twitter this morning, as last week somebody posted a bloopers clip from a TV show, which featured this morning’s upbeat beauty.

It’s a song and a clip I shared on here many moons ago, but I figured that my posts have become so infrequent most people have lost interest by now and wandered off elsewhere, so a little recycling won’t hurt anyone.

The TV show in question is Peter Kay’s Car Share and the clip features Peter Kay as John Redmond, Sian Gibson as Kayleigh Kitson, and Reece Shearsmith as “Stinky” Ray. John and Kayleigh’s usual car-share drive to the supermarket where they work has been disrupted on this occasion, firstly by Kayleigh’s honking hangover, and then by “Stinky” Ray – so-called because he works on the fish counter at the supermarket – who blags a lift from them when his bus is late.

A song comes on the radio which Ray insists is turned up so he can sing-a-long, the joke being that he doesn’t actually know the words and makes them up.

Given the show’s loose, improvisational format, Kay and Gibson have no idea what Shearsmith is going to come out with, and you can see the moment when Shearsmith realises that Kay and Gibson are both cracking up at him and he starts to deliberately mess about and try to make them laugh, like a Sunny-D’d up kid trying to impress his parents on a long boring drive:

And here’s the song in question, and if you watch the clip first, I defy you not to sing “lyrical dance-flap” at the appropriate moments:

Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hotstepper

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

So, I had a lovely time up in Yorkshire at my niece’s wedding over the weekend, thanks for asking.

I won’t be posting any photos from it here for three reasons:

  1. Other than my immediate family who were unable to attend, I very much doubt none of you are really that interested in seeing them;
  2. The happy couple specifically asked that none of the guests posted photos on social media; and
  3. I didn’t take any anyway.

What I am able to share is their choice of song for their first dance, which thought was absolutely inspired. If it’s a good enough way to start a new marriage, then I’m damn sure it’s a good enough way to start a new week:

Blue Swede – Hooked on a Feeling

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

As with many of my regular series, I’ve let this one slide for a while, Sorry!

Anyway, a couple of friends have mental health struggles, and both seem to have hit a low point at around the same time recently. I always feel a little bit useless when the black dog growls at either of them: I want to let them know I’m here for them if they want to talk, but I also don’t want to encroach within their personal barriers and exacerbate how they’re feeling.

As I’ve mentioned before, although I was never officially diagnosed with any particular condition, I’ve been there myself. No matter who or how many people reached out to me, I couldn’t bring myself to admit I had a problem and accept that hand.

Thankfully, both seem to be coming out the other side of the darkness; whilst one will undoubtedly appreciate this delicious slice of campness more than the other, you can’t deny it’s fantastically upbeat:

Patrick Hernandez – Born To Be Alive

More soon. (Welcome back)

New Mood on Monday

It struck me recently that my ongoing malaise may be due to the fact that I hadn’t been seeking out upbeat tunes to kick off the week for a good while now. A Catch-22 situation if you will, where I was feeling apathetic because I wasn’t on the lookout for such songs, and I wasn’t on the lookout for such songs because I was feeling apathetic. Or is that the same thing? I dunno.

Anyway, to try and rectify things, here’s one of my favourite records, which reached the giddy heights of #11 in the UK charts back in 1987. Generally considered to be a one hit wonder, it isn’t: there was a follow-up – Ba-Na-Na-Bam-Boo – which scraped into the charts at #37. Three albums got released, but other than those two singles, the band’s success can only really be measured in terms of two of their songs being used on the soundtracks of Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Point Break.

Here’s their biggest hit though, a record that still transports me back to my sixth form days whenever I hear it:

Westworld – Sonic Boom Boy

It’s still a belter, right?

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

I’ve not written one of these for a few weeks, chiefly because I’ve been in such an apathetic fug it seemed hypocritical to post tunes of a Monday morning specifically selected to raise one out of the pit of despair that is the working week unrolling out in front of us.

But maybe this is what’s needed: a strutting 1970s era Rolling Stones-esque version of an old Otis Redding classic, chosen for you this morning to shake ya bootie to:

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

As you may have gathered by the lack of posts recently, I’ve been struggling for a while with the general apathy I usually feel around this time of year.

I mentioned recently that I’d not been feeling myself (stop sniggering at the back!) for a while, and after I’d been off work for a week, my GP signed me off for a further week, prescribed me Amoxillin (for a chest infection) and instructed me to have a Covid test (which came back as negative).

For a good few weeks though, I’ve just felt lethargic and apathetic, I can’t be bothered with doing anything, including writing stuff here. The two weeks I was off work, I spent most of the time in bed sleeping or snoozing in front of the television. A colleague pointed out to me that these are classic symptoms of depression.

And he’s right, but I don’t think that’s where I am. I’ve written before about how I have experienced and suffered bouts of depression, but how I feel now doesn’t feel as I did then. Not that there’s a uniform pattern for such things, of course.

But what I can do is to get back to normal, and try to raise everyone’s spirits – including my own – by posting a relentlessly cheery song of a Monday morning which will make you smile no matter how down you or I might feel.

And there’s no better feel-good record than Shonen Knife covering The Carpenters, from the wonderful If I Were A Carpenter tribute album:

See? Happier already.

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

I mentioned yesterday that I had caught the last few minutes of a Marc Bolan/T. Rex documentary which I planned to find time to watch in its entirety.

I’ve not managed that yet, but those few moments I did see imparted a bit of trivia which I really can’t believe I didn’t already know.

Bolan was in a relationship with, and had a child with, Gloria Jones, who I also knew was a singer. I honestly had no idea, and doubtless this is common knowledge, that it was the very same Gloria Jones as had given us this, one of the most famous slices of what would become known as Northern Soul:

Not exactly the most cheerful lyrical content, I grant you, by it’s one hell of a great record. I know that much!

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

Some records which cheer you up are just dumb.

You knew they were dumb when you first heard it, and nothing in the thirty (ouch!) years since it got released has changed your mind about it.

But give me this over the song the bassline is sampled from any day of the week.

Especially on a Monday morning.

Dumb, but fun.

More soon.

New Mood on Monday

It’s next week again.

And so to get your week off to a cheery start, here’s something which relentlessly upbeat but at the same time impossible not to like:

I had thought that the type of Polaroid camera famously referenced in the song was now, in the age of digital photography, where everyone has a camera on there phone, obsolete. But I was surprised to learn when researching this (Yes! Research! For this!) that they are still widely available on the market, and not just as second-hand, nostalgic collector’s items on ebay.

For those of you unfamiliar with them, this is what they look like:

Nice and pocket-sized, right?

Anyone who was around in the late-70s/early 80s will remember them. The idea was that, rather than have to dash off to Snappy Snaps to get your photos developed, this camera would print them off as and when you took them.

When it emerged from the camera, the photo would be blank, but after a few moments the photo appeared. Users often would shake the photos as they developed, in an effort to speed the process up.

However, in the wake of Hey Ya! Polaroid released an official statement:

“[The image] never touches air, so shaking or waving has no effect. In fact, shaking or waving can actually damage the image. Rapid movement during development can cause portions of the film to separate prematurely, or can cause ‘blobs’ in the picture.”


More soon.