A year or so ago, I made a promise to myself that I would no longer be bothered with how many visitors were attracted to this blog you’re reading now.

I decided that I’d become a bit too obsessed with numbers, and that was probably having an impact on the quality (such that it is) of what I posted.

So I vowed not to check the visitor stats anymore; writing was is the important thing to me, and whilst it’s nice to know that people read what I write, it shouldn’t be the main factor in me posting stuff. A bit like when a band says “we’re not in it for the money…if people like what we do, that’s enough for us.”

Unfortunately, WordPress – the platform on which these posts are hosted – had different ideas for me. For last Saturday, I got a message from them telling me that my “stats are booming!” And seriously, who can resist that kind of ego-massaging news?

And so I had a peek. And booming they were indeed.

I have no idea what prompted this.

But I figured a “Hello!” was needed for any new or returning visitors who have stumbled or restumbled upon my little corner of the internet.

S’okay, I’m not about to post Lionel Richie.

But I am about to post this, if not the greatest record to name-check Jimmy Corkhill, then unquestionably in the top three:

Welcome aboard, and welcome to the weekend.

More soon.