Happy Birthday

I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but since it’s her 67th birthday today, and since I adore the *ahem* choreography on this (especially the way that Bobby Gillespie the keyboard player gives up all pretence of miming to join in), I’ll make an exception.

Oh and apologies for the exposure to not only Edmonds at the start of this clip, but also The Hairy Cornflake, one of whom is a convicted sex-pest and the other…aww, you can do your own joke here.

Bring on Suzi.

More soon.

Happy Birthday (to me)

It’s my birthday today.

When you’re birthday is a) on a Monday, and b) two days before pay-day, it’s hard to work up much enthusiasm.

And, let’s not go into the whole “how old I am” shebang, please.

If you really want to know, then I’ll let you do the donkey work, by just saying that this was the No. 1 single in the UK when I was born:


Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

Read into that what you will.

More soon.

(Un)Happy Birthday


I bought a jacket like that when I was at college.

For this, and many other fashion faux-pas for which you were responsible (I can never return to that florist), Happy Birthday Steven Patrick.

Oh, and the songs. Best not forget the songs.


Morrissey – Will Never Marry

Now please stop saying how much you like UKIP, will you? Such a silly boy…

More soon.