Apropos of Nothing

On his BBC 6Music breakfast show, Shaun Keaveny used to have a spot called Earworms. He may well still do it since he moved to an afternoon slot, I have no idea since I’m at work then and don’t have chance to listen to it.

The basic idea was this: listeners would get in touch to suggest a record which had inexpicably become lodged into their brains.

It always struck me as being a bit of a falsehood, and that people would use it as an excuse to request a song they liked, wanted to hear, and to claim responsibility for its broadcast.

Maybe I’m just bitter, as he never played any of my suggestions.

I mention this because for the last couple of days, I’ve had this ace bit of power-pop banging around in my hippocampus. I know not why. Maybe I’m psychically connecting with somebody.

Jellyfish – The King is Half-Undressed

More soon.

Apropos of Nothing

I should think of a better name for these non-thread songs I have the urge to post every now and then, for, as always, this post is not apropos of nothing at all.

No. Any of you who has read this week’s Friday Night Music Club missive will have just one thought (okay, two if you count “when is he going to shut the fuck up?” Three if you count the one you had about Mega City Four.): what the hell does that Spanky Wilson vs N*E*R*D mash-up sound like?

Like this, as it goes:


Spanky Wilson vs N*E*R*D – She Wants a Spank

Now go and have a cold shower.

More soon.

(With thanks to Llyr for bringing this to my attention all those years ago)

Apropos of Nothing

When I was DJ’ing at the end of the 80s/start of the 90s, I bought this on 7″ single, only to find that I had inadvertently picked up the “Radio Edit”, which substitutes the phrase “Big Mac” for the phrase “Milk Shake” (it may actually be Big Shake, I’m not sure).

The reason for this alteration was that the Poppies (for it is they) doubtless wanted their record to be played on the BBC (particularly Radio 1 although I doubt they would have sniffed at it being played on Radio 2, 3 or 4 or…that’s the lot. Pre-digital days, see) and the BBC – to it’s eternal credit and possibly detriment – doesn’t do advertisements.

See, the publicly funded BBC is supposed to be impartial, to not show bias or preference to any person, party, corporation or company.

I say supposed there like I think they don’t manage it. Let me clarify:  The BBC may have many faults (failing to commission a third series of Sharon Horgan’s “Pulling” for example), but lack of  impartiality isn’t one of them.

The BBC, as ever, is under attack from the UK Government. This seems to be an ongoing situation, and sadly isn’t restricted to the current regime. The Conservatives are constantly baying for it to be either closed down or privatised (their “answer” to everything, it seems), and Labour were no better when they were in. Generally, the given reason for this is that it is biased one way or the other.

Is it fuck.

As Simon Blackwell, writer/producer with a fine pedigree (Veep, The Thick Of It, In The Loop, Peep Show, Four Lions, Have I Got News For You) recently tweeted:

Like the NHS, the BBC is an institution us Brits should be proud of. We’ll miss them both when they’re gone/sold off.

Anyway, I seem to have gone on a bit of a rant rather than just posting the record, so I’ll shut up and do just that:


Pop Will Eat Itself – Def Con One

More soon.

Apropos of Nothing

As always, not Apropos of Nothing at all, but sparked by something much cheerier than my last couple of posts.

This week it was announced that the Legends Slot at Glastonbury this year is to filled by ELO.

This would be great news if I had a ticket, but never mind, let’s not get all gloomy again.

And without wishing to be all “I Told You So” about it (by which I mean I intend to be all “I Told You So” about it) back in 2014, I tweeted this (please ignore the glorious absence of any retweets or likes, such is my life):

See, a year late, but I’ve still got it!

So in celebration of all things Jeff, here’s something bloody glorious:


ELO – Sweet Talking Woman

I can think of no finer way to celebrate my 150th post here. Actually I probably could if I really tried…..

Anyway, bring on the Glasto ticket resale, I say.

More soon.


Apropos of Nothing

Well, as usual, not quite nothing.

After that last post, I think we could all use a little palate cleansing.

So, here’s the song which inspired the pun that clever old Morrissey made:


Sandie Shaw – Heaven Knows I’m Missing Him Now

You can tell a lot of time and effort went into creating that sleeve, can’t you?

More soon.

Apropos of Nothing

Well, not quite of nothing.

As I walked into work on New Year’s Eve (yes, some of us had to work in that bit in the middle), my ipod decided to give me the following almost six-minutes of perfection:


New Order – True Faith

And here’s the video:

When this came out, dunderhead that I am, I never noticed that all the slapping of faces is perfectly in time with the rhythm of the record.

Videos where the visuals are synced to the music, but otherwise seem to bear no relation to it, reminds me of one of the greatest videos ever made, directed by Michel Gondry, he of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” fame.

A few years ago I was unemployed and living in Cheltenham. My brother, God love him, rang me at some unseemly hour for a chat and to try and bolster my battered spirits. But I was distracted, watching a countdown on TV of the greatest music videos ever (! probably) and this came on. As he’d never had the pleasure of seeing it, I tried, unsuccessfully I think, to describe it to him.

Well, here you go bruv, consider that rectified.

There isn’t a train journey that I’ve been on since I first saw this that I haven’t put my earphones in, pressed play, and gazed out of the window, willing the world to fall into time with whatever I’m listening to. It never happens. Which just makes this even more magnificent.

A simple idea, perfectly executed.



More soon.