A Traditional Easter

It’s Good Friday, and long-time visitors to these pages know this means two things:

  1. A super long Bank Holiday weekend, and
  2. I’ll post this:


Army of Lovers – Crucified

I’m away to visit the folks for the weekend, which also includes my Dad’s birthday on Tuesday, so there might not be as many posts as over the weekend as you may have gotten used to over to recently – it very much depends how many I manage to write on Thursday night when frankly I should be packing.

In other words: more soon.

A Traditional Easter

Last one of these, you’ll be relieved to know, before normality is restored, whatever normal is.

Today is Easter Monday, or, as it’s known in my flat “Quick, get down to ASDAs, before the reduced eggs have all gone!” Monday


Eat – Golden Egg

Go on then, you try and think of a song with the word Egg in the title. And no, Radiohead’s Eggs-it Music (For A Film) or any other eggy pun for that matter doesn’t count.

*Sits back and awaits the inevitable list of songs with Egg in the title which will be better than I thought of*

*Wipes egg from face*


More soon.

Chucking Vinyl at Zombies

There’s a great scene in Shaun of the Dead – well, actually, there’s many great scenes in Shaun of the Dead – which I’m pretty sure rings true with every record collector and music fan.

Yes, I mean you.

I like it too, in places. The trick is to completely forget their eponymous debut album. Or, compare it to the utter guff that was their comeback material.  I wonder if that was, in fact, the whole point of them reforming, to make us wistfully long for the days when they only took five years to record an album, rather than twenty-two years to record two dreary old plodders.

Anyway, adopting either position certainly makes The Second Coming sound way better than many thought it did when it was released back in 1994.

Here, entirely coincidentally selected to be posted on Easter Monday, is the brilliant if overly-long and ever-so-slightly self-indulgent opening track:




The Stone Roses – Breaking into Heaven

More soon.


A Traditional Easter

A quick show of hands please: who thinks I don’t post anywhere enough tunes by Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci?


And those who think I post far too much by them?

hands (2)Well, that seems fairly conclusive.

This, then, is from  Barafundle, their still-sounds-as-wonderful-today-as-it-did-when-it-was-released-in-1997 album:


Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Cursed, Coined And Crucified

More soon.

A Traditional Easter

I’d better get a disclaimer in quickly. I’m away this weekend and have decided to have me a lap-top free few days, so all of the posts that will appear over the long weekend have been written in advance. I say this purely in case I’ve chosen a tune that any of my blogging peers have also chosen; no plagiarism intended.

And so on that note, here’s The Charlatans:


The Charlatans – Judas

More soon.

A Traditional Easter

No, not organising an Easter egg hunt.

Not stuffing my big fat face full of hot cross buns either.

Nope, round these parts we like to celebrate the Easter weekend by posting some appropriate and/or vaguely blasphemous records.

And this gets one posted on this day every year:


Army of Lovers – Crucified

Nice to see another year having passed hasn’t tarnished that. It’s still fabulous and camp.

More soon.