Sunday Morning Coming Down

Since I wrote it earlier in the week, I had no idea that BBC4’s output on Friday night would focus on Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris.

All of what they aired is up on the BBC iPlayer and is worth your time if you like this kind off thing (and thanks also to long time reader Steven for flagging another documentary about lovely Linda to me via the Comments section, which you can watch here).

Anyway, bearing that in mind, since I featured Linda last week, it seemed only right that I featured somehing by Dolly and Emmylou too, so that’s the next couple of weeks sorted.

Here’s Dolly, with a wonderful song about being proud of where she came from:

Dolly Parton – Coat Of Many Colors

You’ve probably sussed this already, but next week: Emmylou Harris.

In other words: more soon.