Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

A post title guaranteed to annoy and disappoint fans of a certain fim involving Patrick Swayze, which holds an embarrasing memory for me. The full story is here.

Whatever. The other day on Pointless, there was a picture round about multiple Grammy winners, where there was one photo I knew I should know, but couldn’t identify. Turns out it was (spoiler alert) Alison Krauss, and I was bloody annoyed for not having recognised her. And it was a Pointless answer (I think), so doubly annoying.

Serendipitously, long time friend of the blog, and regular contributor to The Chain (back when I could be bothered to write it), babylotti seems to have finally got their house in order and started actually posting on their own blog for the first time since a one-off post ten years ago.

If you like obscure tracks from 80s stalwarts like Soft Cell and 90s electro-pioneers Sheep on Drugs, give them a visit, here: Livin’ Out Rock’n’Roll.

I’m torn between two songs to post to celebrate the proper arrival of babylotti on the blogging scene, so here’s both of them. Firstly, a tune which I suspect is unlikely to ever feature over there:

Alison Krauss – Baby, Now That I’ve Found You

…and then this….:

The Lemonheads – It’s About Time

Welcome, babylotti, all power to your elbow.

More soon.


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8 thoughts on “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner”

  1. I’ll checkbout Babylotti’s place thank you. However, if he insists on calling Sheepnon Drugs electro pioneers, I shall call the taste police and sit in a corner sobbing.

      1. I’d forgotten it too! Someone else was posting The Chain as a copy and paste affair, and purporting that it was their own work. I blame them for it ending…

      2. Oh gosh, I forget when exactly, but basically when researching a Chain post, I stumbled upon someone posting the whole thing with no reference to the fact I’d written it, or that it had first appeared here. I would never have remembered it was one of your choices which led to that discovery though (no offence!)

  2. Wow, erm, surprised anyone noticed me! The original influence/inspiration for the blog was/is bands led by a chap known as Buttz. The Babysitters & Last of the Teenage Idols (hence the BabyLotti name) still have a cult following & Buttz had asked me to convert all his analogue tapes to digital for him, this created a lot of interest so the idea was for me to give a tape by tape account of the restoration processes.
    Unfortunately, the idea broke down from Buttz’ end, I think he thought I had less than honourable intentions & didn’t want to give up the tapes in case I tried to sell them on etc. so having the blog just sat there, I thought with my current batch of ripping CDs & Vinyl, I would start on a different path to the original intentions.
    And no, I wouldn’t call S.o.D electro pioneers no matter how much I had had to drink Jez! Soft Cell, on the other hand….

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