No, not a typo.

A few weeks ago as I was walking home from the town centre, a sign which I must have walked past a few dozen times since I relocated here caught my eye.

It was for a nightclub which I have never yet known to be open, but that’s probably because I’m not generally out when clubbing folks are out going to clubs these days.

Anyway, the sign looked like this:

It’s bugged me ever since that the marketing team coudn’t decide whether to call it TuesGay or TuesGays before releasing the promotional material. Come on guys, pick a side – your Tueday night punters clearly have!

I do worry sometimes that perhaps this place isn’t inclusive enough and so ever since I spotted this, I’ve toyed with the idea of a new series, posting songs by, or embraced and associated by, our friends in the LBGTQ+ community every Tuesday, and, obviously nicking the name for the series from you-know-where.

But I wanted to be sure that in doing so my intentions weren’t misconstrued. Rest assured, these will be songs that I love too.

Even more than that, I don’t want to accidentally “out” someone, or worse still, incorrectly “out” someone.

So I figured I’d start on safe ground, he says with a knowing wink and an innocent halo emoji:

Electric Six – Gay Bar

…which of course gives me the opportunity to post the very funny video too:

More soon.


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6 thoughts on “TuesGays”

  1. TuesGay/TuesGays – hope you don’t have predictive text on, or it will always change it to the day. Yes, it seems they were so chuffed with the play on words they forgot to just stick with one version.

    Great song.

  2. Perhaps TuesGay is meant to be the brand name, everyone loves a brand name these days!
    That Electric Six video is hilarious. Think I mentioned before that they came to play at my village’s tiny festival this Summer and they were great. Dick Valentine was a real charmer, I fell a little bit in love…

  3. Words sort of fail me on the TuesGay/TuesGays thing…..part of me thinks it is utter genius, part of me is appalled at how crass it seems. I’m also sure, and I might be unfair on the good people of Peterborough, that it must have been used by an openly LBGTQ+ club in one of the world’s great cities, given how obvious it is as a marketing ploy.

    Anyways….that Electric Six song and video is great. As is ‘Danger, High Voltage’. The rest of it was a bit of a let-down……

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