Sunday Morning Coming Down

I’m not really sure why I’ve always ignored Neko Case.

But a while ago, I picked up her retrospective album Wild Creatures and was blown away by her.

Here’s the live version of one of her songs from that album that I love, even if she can’t spell the title correctly:

Neko Case – Favorite


More soon.


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7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Get The Virginan and Furnace Room Lullaby. Or else I will have to stop leaving juvenile and inane comments here!

  2. I too was going to mention the album with k.d. lang and Laura Viers – their song Supermoon featured in my Full Moon in Song series and has since become a ‘favourite’ of mine.

  3. I was planning to do a Neko Case selection over at Dubhed the other week…until I realised that the paltry collection of songs I had was made up of studio and live tracks from various music mag compilations and not a single album by Neko herself and would barely stretch to 45 minutes. I’m taking notes…!

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