Sunday Morning Coming Down

Trying to decide what to post this week, I plumped for something by Michelle Shocked, who hasn’t featured here since February.

Next decision: which song?

So, I did a search on the blog to ascertain – and therefore rule out – those which had already featured, and I’m ashamed to say I fell into quite the rabbot-hole re-reading some of my old posts, which may sound a little egotistical (to quote the late Mac Davis from his classic Hard to be Humble: “Some folks say that I’m egotistical, hell I don’t even know what that means. I guess it has something to do with the way that I fill out my skin-tight blue jeans”), but it really wasn’t: I’m rapidly approaching my 2000th post here, and, whilst I have a pretty good idea of what songs I’ve posted before, when it comes to artists who have featured more than once, and who I really like and own a lot by, well…this old memory ain’t as great as it used to be.

Anyway, I landed on a post from 2016, which also featured Ms Shocked, and noting several comments had been left, I decided to give them a read too. And there was one from Charity Chic, author of one of my favourite blogs Charity Chic Music which I regrettably rarely have time to swing by and read these days. It’s one of the curses of writing one of these blogs – I used to spend hours each evening gleefully visiting the very long list of music blogs I used to frequent, rarely, if ever, leaving a comment or a thank you, selfish little sod that I was – but now it seems most of my spare time is taken up with writing my own. (I’m writing this on Friday night/Saturday morning and, wracked with guilt at this confession, I’ve just popped over there and was amused to see that, just as I bemoaned my failing memory earlier in this post, so has CC his in his post on Friday.)

But I digress: CC’s comment was that one particular Shocked song was his “go-to tune from that album [Short Sharp Shocked]”, so I figured I’d post that one for you, and him, today, as a little nod and apology.

Stevie, this one’s for you:

Michelle Shocked – Memories of East Texas

More soon.

PS – The views and opinions of Ms Shocked are not condoned, shared or supported by A History of Dubious Taste.

PPS – The views, opinions and musical selections of Charity Chic most definitely are.

PPPS – Of course I left him a comment this time.


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