New Mood on Monday

Had today’s uplifting tune actually contained the word ‘summer’ in its title as opposed to in the name of the super-group (and I use the term advisedly and correctly), then it would undoubtedly have made it on to the mix I recently prepared for JC’s place.

But it doesn’t, so it didn’t.

However, this record – where the mighty Ted Chippington, The Nightingales and We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It! (before they became just Fuzzbox and started having actual hits) unite, Avengers-style – remains a favourite which cannot help but leave me in a better mood than I was before it started playing:

The Vindaloo Summer Special – Rockin’ with Rita (Head to Toe)

More soon.

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8 thoughts on “New Mood on Monday”

    1. Of course. I always try to, and even when I know I’ve sourced an mp3 from one of my blogging peers but can’t remember who, I will say so and invite whoever it was to make themselves known via the Comments section.

      As for this particular tune, well I first purchased it on vinyl sometime between 1988 and 1990 from Hag’s Records, who used to visit the Students Union of the college I was at every other month or so, but I’m guessing that’s not what you mean.

      I assume from your Comment that you think I got it from your wonderful site? As you know, I’m on the mailing list. But I don’t think that’s the case here; I’ve had a look on your site this evening and can see that you posted the whole 12″ single back in 2019 – but I don’t have that in my mp3 collection.

      Had I downloaded it at the time, I definitely would have kept it, probably would have used it for this post, and undoubtedly would have credited you as the source in that case.

      But (in order), I didn’t, so I didn’t, so I couldn’t, so I didn’t, because you weren’t.

      I wasn’t 100% sure, but I thought I had converted it from a YouTube posting when I last posted it in February 2021. But I can’t locate a posted version of the tune on YouTube that’s the same length and sound quality as the one I’ve posted.

      So I did a little more digging and checked the metadata of the mp3, which indicates it was track #6 on an unspecified album and was possibly downloaded from in 2013. However, a scan of said website – which I do visit weekly, and have done for years – throws up no matches for the search term “vindaloo summer special”.

      And then the penny dropped: I did download the double disc re-release of Bostin’ Steve Austin [Splendiferous Edition] by We’ve Got a Fuzzbox from back in 2013, although all trace of it is gone from there too, and there it is: track #6 on the 2nd Disc of said re-release.

      So my apologies to exystence, and many thanks for the download.

      And my thanks to you for setting me a mystery to solve.

      PS. let’s not fall out over this, eh mate?

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