Glastonbury, So Much to Answer For

On Twitter on Saturday, as his set started, I commented that whoever had done the running order for The Pyramid Stage that day clearly had a sense of humour, since they had essentially made Noel Gallagher be Paul ‘Fab Macca Wacky Thumbs Aloft’ McCartney’s warm-up act.

But as I mentioned in passing the other day on here, I found myself rather enjoying Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ set despite myself.

Mostly because, mid-way through their set, Gallagher announced to the crowd: “”So what’s going to happen here now is, I’m going to play a few tunes that you don’t give a shit about, okay? So there’ll be a few more of those but if you stick around, after that, fucking hell – there’s going to be a lot of very happy people in bucket hats.”

And sure enough, a song or two later he launched into an Oasis “Best Of” set.

By which I mean, the best Oasis songs which he sang the vocals on the record. Mostly.

Now I’m not the biggest Oasis fan in the world. My view is that the first album is great, the second album is waaaay over-rated (to the point where I actually prefer their third, coke-influenced, album Be Here Now), and after that the highlights were few and far between.

But credit where credit’s due, Gallagher knew what the audience wanted: a good old sing-song, which he duly delivered, bashing out Little By Little, The Importance of Being Idle, Wonderwall, Half a World Away, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Don’t Look Back in Anger, and this, without doubt my favourite Oasis single (which I can’t find decent footage of from Saturday, so you’ll just have to make do with the original):

Oasis – Whatever

More soon.