I Can’t Help Myself

I wouldn’t be so bold as to assume that any of you are cricket fans.

At the moment, England are engaged in a three-match Test series with New Zealand.

The other weekend (when The Platty Jubz was going on), I was visiting my folks, and each day I was home, my father and I watched the highlights of the first Test match on the BBC, 7pm.

It was a weird if entertaining affair, scheduled to last for five days, it was over in three, each team’s batters seemingly trying to out-perform the other in the “we’re not very good” stakes.

At One-day Internationals (50 overs), and T20 matches (erm…20 overs each), the crowd is engaged by a rousing tune being played, whenever a boundary is scored, or when a wicket falls.

This is proving harder to explain than I thought.

Test matches are rather more sedate and austere affairs. No exit music is played when a wicket falls.

But the Kiwis had a player whose name was just screaming out for some tuneage when he got out: Will Young.

As we watched him tuck his bat under his arm and head for the pavilion, I turned to father and said: “I bet they wish they could play Leave Right Now right now.”

About 2 seconds later, one of the commentators (Phil Tufnell, I think, which is ironic given that when I lived in Wales at least one person thought that I sounded like him) made the same joke.

Basically: I’m wasted doing this.

Will Young – Leave Right Now

It should not be overlooked that this had a really good, clever video behind it, which had nothing to do with cricket, but did have a lot to do with being at an exclusive (but rubbish) art installation:

More soon.

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7 thoughts on “I Can’t Help Myself”

  1. I can’t understand why we have Will Young opening – he’s good enough to play tests, but should be in the middle order. I reckon Nicholls should open – he opens in ODIs, and he has issues against spin.

    1. Now, I wish I could contribute, but know to little about the Kiwi team to meaningfully contribute. What I would say is that both teams seem to be going through a process of experimentation, rejuvenation and some other word that ends -tion – I give you Pope at No 3 for us. Suck it and see, I guess.

      1. NZ is pretty weird because we’re coming off the biggest purple patch in our cricketing history – we almost won the last ODI world cup, we won the World Test Championship, and made the final of the last 20/20 world cup. And now we’ve reverted to mediocrity – we’ve only lost a couple of players to retirement.

  2. I have had the dubious pleasure of watching the 2nd test at the ground this week but then also go to Molineux to watch England humbled by Hungary on Tuesday. When the second goal went in I think many fans had the Will Young song in their head as they made their way to the exits…

    1. Were you there or the final day of the test? It looked like the most incredible match I’ve seen since…oh…probably the WC final.

      My condolences for having to endure the football. I turned off after we went 0-2 down, but wasn’t expecting to read what the final score was when I checked in later. That’s losing to Finland level of embarrasment.

  3. love cricket. West Indies fan (going back to the late 70s when I fell for the game0 who has to offer a grudging respect for the way England test side has bounced back somewhat from that horrific winter and the recent Caribbean tour. Can’t say I’ve knowingly listened to anything by Will Young, but my missus says he’s a good bloke.

    1. I’ll be honest, from what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t bother with anything much other than the tune I posted, which I think is a great little pop tune, even if Mr Cowell may be lurking in the background somewhere…

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