I Can’t Help Myself

I wouldn’t be so bold as to assume that any of you are cricket fans.

At the moment, England are engaged in a three-match Test series with New Zealand.

The other weekend (when The Platty Jubz was going on), I was visiting my folks, and each day I was home, my father and I watched the highlights of the first Test match on the BBC, 7pm.

It was a weird if entertaining affair, scheduled to last for five days, it was over in three, each team’s batters seemingly trying to out-perform the other in the “we’re not very good” stakes.

At One-day Internationals (50 overs), and T20 matches (erm…20 overs each), the crowd is engaged by a rousing tune being played, whenever a boundary is scored, or when a wicket falls.

This is proving harder to explain than I thought.

Test matches are rather more sedate and austere affairs. No exit music is played when a wicket falls.

But the Kiwis had a player whose name was just screaming out for some tuneage when he got out: Will Young.

As we watched him tuck his bat under his arm and head for the pavilion, I turned to father and said: “I bet they wish they could play Leave Right Now right now.”

About 2 seconds later, one of the commentators (Phil Tufnell, I think, which is ironic given that when I lived in Wales at least one person thought that I sounded like him) made the same joke.

Basically: I’m wasted doing this.

Will Young – Leave Right Now

It should not be overlooked that this had a really good, clever video behind it, which had nothing to do with cricket, but did have a lot to do with being at an exclusive (but rubbish) art installation:

More soon.