Sunday Morning Coming Down

I really liked Like I Used To, the recent collaboration between Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen; whilst I’d been aware of both artists prior to that single, I’d never knowingly heard anything by either.

So when I saw that Olsen had released a new album, Big Time, earlier this month, I trusted that it wasn’t going to be whole album of Peter Gabriel covers, I snaffled a copy up sharpish.

Admittedly, I was partly drawn to it by some of the reviews I’d seen, not least this one on Pitchfork:

“…[Olsen] is reborn on Big Time as an alternately smiling or crying cowgirl. Olsen teases out the twang and pedal steel of her long-time country influences, like the audacity of Skeeter Davis and Tammy Wynette, or the blistering ache of Hank Williams. The tough-and-tender extremity of country music has always been present in her yearning cadences, now more lucid than ever, but here she leans further into its in-the-room glow, its honesty and resilience. As her heights magnify, so do her depths.


Here’s the opening track, and it does everything that review suggests:

Angel Olsen – All the Good Times

More soon.