Late Night Stargazing

The late great Leonard Cohen has a new compilation album out, so I guess his estate is still paying off the taxman.

It’s called Hallelujah & Songs from His Albums, which I suppose is better than calling it a ‘Best of’ and certainly more accurate than referring to it as a Greatest Hits album.

Almost all the songs you would expect are here: Suzanne, Bird on a Wire, Chelsea Hotel #2, Who By Fire, I’m Your Man. I was a little surprised that First We Take Manhattan doesn’t make an appearance, but even more surprised that the Hallelujah mentioned in the album title is also missing. Sort of.

For the much-covered classic does open the album, but not the version we’re familiar with, oh no. Instead, we have his unforgettable live performance from Glastonbury 2008:

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (Live at Glastonbury)

More soon.