The 100 Greatest UK Number 1 Singles – #91

This is the series where I feature The Guardian’s idea of the 100 best UK #1s ever, and we see what I have to say about them (which usually isn’t much, to be honest).

I’ll cut to the quick: here’s what The Guardian has to say about the record that they placed at #91 in this countdown of the greatest #1 hits:

“Saturday Night just pipped Gina G’s Ooh Aah … Just a Little Bit to our 90s Eurobanger slot. First off, it’s an actual Eurobanger (not an Aussie impersonator), and like the Village People’s YMCA, it has a dance routine invented by fans that came to define the song. It’s got an immediately iconic tag (“dee dee da da da!”), plus it was the victor in one of pop’s funniest plagiarism cases: I want some of whatever the person who thinks this sounds like Lindisfarne’s Fog on the Tyne was having.”

And here’s what I have to say about it:

It’s not even ironically good.

It’s dog-shit, isn’t it?

Still, I have to post it, them’s the rules:

Whigfield – Saturday Night

More (better, I hope) soon.