Sunday Morning Coming Down

I’m spending the four day bank holiday weekend visiting my folks; much of Friday was spent listening to loads of my Dad’s favourite songs, which he watches on the big TV in the living room via YouTube.

This one, by old favourite of these pages, Merle Haggard, stood out as I’d never heard it before. With a back catalogue as large as his, it’s to be expected that I wouldn’t know every single song he ever recorded, but there was something about his voice on this one that piqued my interest: he sounded older, more frail.

It turns out that, recorded at his home on February 9, 2016, it was the very last song he recorded before he passed away, just under two months later.

Not to be confused with his 1985 track, Kern River, it goes like this:

Merle Haggard – Kern River Blues

More soon.