Late Night Stargazing

A few weeks ago I mentioned in passing how much I like Embrace’s first album, The Good Will Out.

I’ve listened to it again since then, and would like to retract that.

And clarify.

Other than the singles from the album, and the title track (which remain ace in my humble opinion), it’s a fairly dull and pedestrian affair which, were I ever to be pressed to make such a list, would not make my Top 100 Favourite albums ever.

However, (as my History teacher used to dictate), I do still really love the singles and the title track from the album in question.

As evidence, this is what they sounded like before Chris Bloody Martin got his dull, dirty hands on them:

Embrace – The Good Will Out

See? Not so bad really (even if the end is ripped off from Hey Jude).

More soon.