New Mood on Monday

As regular readers will know, I love a good cover version.

Up the stakes: Give me a good cover version of a great 70s sitcom written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais and I’m practically immobile with joy.

It turns out Snuff can help me – and you – out this morning.

See, it turns out they have not just released their seminal Flibbiddydibbiddydob, with its thrash versions of TV adverts (Bran Flakes, Shake’n’Vac): they’ve also released the similarly daft-titled Potatoes And Melons At Wholesale Prices Straight From the Lock Up which has this on it. If you listen closely to the backing vocals, there appears to be an inadvertent (I assume) celebration of The Chuckle Brothers thrown in for good measure:

Snuff – Theme From Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?

You’re awake now, right?

More soon.