Sunday Morning Coming Down

Something new(-ish) for you this morning.

This is Lost Dog Street Band from their 2021 album The Magnolia Sessions, which is a series of albums released on the Anti-Corp label, all named The Magnolia Sessions, all by different artists.

Here’s how Anti-Corp describe the project on their website: ‘A series of live recordings by artists we love, in the elements. All recordings were performed in the moment. No overdubs. No “studio magic”. Just pure distilled talent.’

And here’s how Lost Dog Street Band describe their addition to the series on their website: “On a humid Summer evening, Benjamin Tod and Ashley Mae stood beneath a large Magnolia tree behind the Anti-Corp/Black Matter Mastering HQ and recorded some songs…Recorded live May 25th 2021 at approximately 8pm, on a hot 88 degree Nashville evening.”

This is so good, the crickets chirruping in the background are practically performing the rhythm track:

Lost Dog Street Band – Ballad of a Broken Man

More soon.


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