It Was 50 (and a bit) Years Ago Today…

Firstly, many thanks to you all for the birthday messages last Sunday; they were most unexpected and, perhaps, undeserved, given that I rarely remember to return the favour.

I have a friend back in Cardiff called Huw. We haven’t actually seen each other for around fifteen years (because, I’m lazy), but he let me house-sit whilst he went on holidays when I was very down on my luck around twenty years ago, and I’m forever indebted to him for his kindness back then.

I mention him now, because on the twenty-sixth day of the ninth month of every year one of us will always text the other the following: “Happy Birthday, Same Birthday Dude!”

I went to text him on Sunday, and was gob-smacked to see that we didn’t remember to do it last year. Something else to blame Covid for, I guess.

Anyway, I sent the text, he replied, and we had a quick catch up.

But something else seemed to be missing, and I managed to pin it down to having happened here. Last year, I had posted Bad Moon Rising, as I always do, but I had then gone on to post the record that was #1 in the UK charts on my first birthday: Freda Payne’s glorious Band of Gold.

I announced that every year, I would feature the record that had been #1 on my birthday fifty years earlier, to see how long my run of good luck continued. (And I promised that, as I’d nicked the idea from him, I’d buy Martin from New Amusements a pint at the Martin Rossiter gig which has been rescheduled Lord knows how many times and now actually looks like it might happen – offer still stands, Martin!)

And then I went and forgot to continue the theme this year.

So, here it is, a week late (but it was still #1 then, I think). Here’s what wiki has to say about it:

“…a popular single by The Tams. Written by Ray Whitley, it was originally released in 1964 and…later became a favourite on the Northern soul scene in the UK, belatedly reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in September 1971.”

The Tams – Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me

Pretty happy with that, as it goes.

More soon.

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15 thoughts on “It Was 50 (and a bit) Years Ago Today…”

  1. My blogging has stalled at the moment but I toyed with the idea of starting a Fifty Year Friday series earlier this week (on Friday funnily enough). I checked out the Official UK Singles Chart, as you do, and enjoyed the Tams. Second time I’ve been reminded of them this week. As I didn’t really have much else to write about the song I had a look at some of the other acts who were filling up the Top Ten positions. Middle Of The Road were there with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – MotR songs were definitely good for playground skipping (I was 10) and Sally Carr inspired the craze for hotpants amongst the female of the species. Still got to write the post however.

    Hope your luck holds out for next year and beyond.

  2. Belated birthday greetings, Jez. Being a couple of years behind you, I have the looming joy of the big 5-0 early next year. At least I’ll have Harry Nilsson to console me…

  3. Happy belated Birthday from a fellow traveller who got there last year.
    Lockdown 50th – not now I imagined it, but at least I avoided the horror of the surprise 50th Birthday where friends an family descend on my house, drink my booze, and refuse to be quiet while I’m watching Match Of The Day.
    All you’ve got to do now is remember to continue the theme next year
    (no pressure)

      1. Strictly carrier pigeon only round here, Stevie! Seriously, made a rule I wouldn’t post anything on the blog until I’d finished unpacking, which is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. I’ll be back soonish though

  4. Missing you around here so just checking all went well with the move? Broadband installed yet?

    A bit of a change for you whatever, so hope the relocation out of That London has opened up a few new doors for you.

    1. Hiya. All good here thanks. Haven’t posted in a while as made a rule: no posting until unpacking is finished! I’m still surrounded by boxes and shelving units waiting to be reconstructed…I will be back soon(ish) though

  5. Have just dropped by here as have been thinking the same as Alyson and hoping all ok. Good to know you’re installed – even if your shelving isn’t yet. Good luck!

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