Not Even Always The Bridesmaid

Inspired by the choice of song for the first dance at my niece’s wedding at the weekend, and since it seems increasingly unlikely I’ll ever be in a position to be choosing one of my own, I thought I’d write a short series featuring a few of the ones I recall from weddings I have been to (fairly) recently.

Shortly after I moved to London, two different couples I’m friends with announced their impending nuptials, and invited me to attend their big days which, to be clear, were held several years apart. But in a very odd moment of serendipity, both couples chose the same song as their first dance.

It’s by a band who inspire utter devotion from their fans, but a band that I’ve never really “got”, a band – neither dislike nor particularly love.

Were friends to describe the sort of bands I usually like, then you could be forgiven for picturing The National as being one of those bands. Yet, there’s a weird disconnect which I’ve never been able to bridge. I don’t change radio channels when their songs get played (in fact, I’m more likely to turn the radio up), but I don’t rush to buy their new stuff – in fact, I own very little by them – and, were I to compile one, they wouldn’t be anywhere near bothering a list of my 100 favourite acts.

That said, I can see precisely why newly-weds might choose their songs for their momentous moment. There’s something awkwardly but gloriously romantic about their sound, I think.

Maybe, as with so many other acts, I just need to investigate them further.

Anyway, here’s

The National – Slow Show

More soon.