New Mood on Monday

So, I had a lovely time up in Yorkshire at my niece’s wedding over the weekend, thanks for asking.

I won’t be posting any photos from it here for three reasons:

  1. Other than my immediate family who were unable to attend, I very much doubt none of you are really that interested in seeing them;
  2. The happy couple specifically asked that none of the guests posted photos on social media; and
  3. I didn’t take any anyway.

What I am able to share is their choice of song for their first dance, which thought was absolutely inspired. If it’s a good enough way to start a new marriage, then I’m damn sure it’s a good enough way to start a new week:

Blue Swede – Hooked on a Feeling

More soon.

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5 thoughts on “New Mood on Monday”

  1. By one of Sweden’s many successful musical exports. Love this song and all the best to the happy couple – Glad you managed to venture out of That London for a weekend. Bet it had been a long time since you’d been at a venue with so many people – Let me guess, about 16 months?

    1. It has! Felt really strange mingling with people again, and I was really disappointed at how few people on the trains were wearing face coverings. Best I don’t get started on that, or the reliability of our national rail network though….

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